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  • Who are the Narco-Terrorists?

    In December 2019, Donald Trump offered to intervene in Mexico, i.e. “to go after the Drug Cartels”. The Mexican president turned down Trump’s generous offer. And then President Trump confirmed that his administration was considering categorizing “drug cartels” as “terrorists”,  akin to Al Qaeda (with the exception that they are “Catholic terrorists”). They would henceforth be designated by Washington as “foreign terrorist organizations”. What is the intent?  Create a justification for US-led “counterterrorism” (military) operations directed against Latin America countries? Extend the “War on Terrorism” to Latin America?  “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). Go after the “Narco-terrorists”.  And now, US federal prosecutors are … Continue reading

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  • Bill Gates Calls for a ‘Digital Certificate’ To Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine

    For years, Bill Gates has been at the forefront of research regarding global pandemics and mass vaccination campaigns. In the past decade, Gates went on record several times stating that the world was not ready for a global pandemic. In October 2019 (only a few months before the apparition of COVID-19) the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (in cooperation with the World Economic Forum) hosted Event 201, a 3.5-hour table-top simulation of a global pandemic. Oddly enough, this simulation was about a novel coronavirus that would kill millions. About eight weeks later, an actual novel coronavirus spurred in China. This … Continue reading

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  • What Are ‘Essential Services’?

    Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently issued an Executive Order requiring residents to “stay home.” The Governor said that only businesses providing “essential services” could remain open. When hit with a barrage of questions, he told Arizonans to not worry because “grocery stores and pharmacies” would remain open and their employees would be allowed to leave their homes and go to work. As I considered what an “essential service” is in the free market, I was reminded of Leonard Read’s brilliant essay “I, Pencil.” As Mr. Read pointed out, even the production of a “simple” pencil is beyond the capabilities of … Continue reading

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  • We Are All Homeschoolers Now

    What does education look like in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic? At the K-12 level, you’ve got problems. At the collegiate level, you’ve got existential problems. School is out for the year in most locales. More innovative districts are retooling like crazy and trying to do online classes. Parents are looking for cheap or free resources to do the job and keep their kids occupied during our enforced isolation. In short, we are all homeschoolers now. Expect that to be much more the case next school year, as enough parents who were forced to try it either a) like it and … Continue reading

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  • The Creed of Slaves

    With the arrests of preachers in Florida and Louisiana, the rotten fruit of Christendom’s genuflecting to the State drops and splatters. American clergy couldn’t close their doors fast enough when bureaucrats and politicians “suggested” they do so—but such kowtowing has only emboldened Leviathan. The beast no longer contents itself with urging parishioners to stay home: it now forbids them to convene. And it’s persecuting dissidents. In Florida, Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne “was arrested Monday at his home one day after his church was packed with worshippers…,” while Rev. Tony Spell in Louisiana “fac[es] misdemeanor charges for holding services…” that attracted 1,265 … Continue reading

    The post The Creed of Slaves appeared first on LewRockwell.

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