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  • Beware of the Mad Max Scenario

    [Editor’s Note: A mad max scenario is one of the worst-case scenarios one can prepare for. The adage “if you can’t protect you don’t own it” rings true in this case. Long-term survival plans that reflect this type of disaster suggest preppers getting away from urban and suburban living and heading for hills. While this would be the safest option, there are dangers that lurk for those who plan to “live off the land.” Because in a post-collapse world – they will come for all that you own.] Seems almost self-explanatory, right?  I mean, what could be so involved with the … Continue reading

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  • Snap, Crackle, Pop

    By Dr. Mercola If the popping or cracking sounds of your joints have ever given you cause for worry, you’ll be relieved to know that it is normal for your joints to occasionally “talk to you.” It is common to hear occasional joint sounds when you move in everyday ways, such as bending over to retrieve a dropped item or walking up or down stairs. Dr. William Shiel, chief editor and co-founder of the medical-information website, says:1 “The symptom of joint cracking is described differently by different people, while nevertheless representing the same condition. Various descriptions for the same … Continue reading

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  • Washington and Allies Go Orwellian

    Just as North and South Korea achieve important peaceful exchanges, Washington and its NATO allies appear to be moving with determination to sabotage the initiative for averting war on the East Asian peninsula. Further, the reckless, gratuitous provocations beg the conclusion that the United States is indeed trying to start a war. Meanwhile, unprecedented accusations this week by US President Donald Trump that Russia is supporting North Korea to evade United Nations sanctions also point to the danger that any conflict could spiral out of control to engulf world nuclear powers. Moscow rejected the unsubstantiated claims leveled by Trump, saying that Russia … Continue reading

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  • Operational Neurasthenia

    It’s reasonable to adjust speed for conditions – snow, for instance. But what about drivers who drop their speed because it might snow later? Road (and school) closings, not because it is snowing. Because it’s possible it may. This appears to be the latest manifestation of the hysterical – in the psychiatric sense – overfixation on saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety which has become the leitmotif of Red Giant Stage America. The slightest threat of snow – or rain, for that matter – triggers almost comical overcompensatory measures, no longer restricted the traditional idiocy of bum-rushing to the supermarket to clear the shelves of bread and milk. In the case of rumored snow, there’s a … Continue reading

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  • The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency

    The main function of the National Security Administration is to collect the dirt on members of the house and senate, the staffs, principal contributors, and federal judges. The dirt is used to enforce silence about the crimes of the security agencies. The blackmail mechanism was put into gear the minute the news reported that the House Intelligence Committee had assembled proof that the FBI, DOJ, and DNC created Russiagate as a conspiracy to unseat President Trump. Members of Congress with nothing to hide demanded the evidence be released to the public. Of course, it was to be expected that release … Continue reading

    The post The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency appeared first on LewRockwell.

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