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  • Hurricanes Give Americans a Taste of the Disaster

    Florida residents from the eastern part of Panama City Beach to Apalachicola now know what a war zone is like. 750,000 people are without power and without water. Thousands of homes and commercial structures no longer exist. Mexico Beach has been more or less wiped off the face of the earth. Many areas are still inaccessible. Many people are still trapped in place because of debris and downed trees across roads. Families searching for missing family members are at times obstructed by police trying to keep looters and gawkers out of the area and trying to save what little traffic … Continue reading

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  • How Many Households Qualify as Middle Class?

    By the standards of previous generations, the middle class has been stripmined of income, assets and purchasing power. What does it take to be middle class nowadays? Defining the middle class is a parlor game, with most of the punditry referring to income brackets as the defining factor. People tend to self-report that they belong to the middle class based on income, but income is not the key metric: 12 other factors are more telling measures of middle class membership than income. In Why the Middle Class Is Doomed (April 17, 2012) I listed five minimum threshold characteristics of membership in the middle class: 1. Meaningful … Continue reading

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  • Oh, Come Now, Stalin’s Gulags Were Fun!

    Shop all books by Tom Woods From The Tom Woods Letter: Last week journalist and Bernie Sanders supporter Sameera Khan posted the following list on Twitter, purporting to tell the truth about Stalin’s gulags — which weren’t really so bad after all! – Two week annual holidays at home – Marriage allowed – Cabins for married prisoners – Family stay with prisoners allowed – Wages equal to common citizens – Sending savings to family allowed – No prisoner uniform – No leg-irons and handcuffs – Common living, no cells – Freedom of movement inside Gulag area – Awards, rewards and reliefs … Continue reading

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  • Italy Declares War

    If there were ever any doubts that the leaders of the Euroskeptic coalition that now runs Italy has a plan to defy the European Union its proposed budget should quell them. Both Deputy Prime Ministers, Luigi Di Maio of Five Star Movement and Matteo Salvini of The League, were adamant about locking horns with European Union leadership over all issues of sovereignty between now and May’s European Parliamentary elections. Their budget proposal which included both tax cuts and universal income blew past the EU budget limit of 2.0% of GDP, coming in at 2.4%. It has put their Finance Minister, … Continue reading

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  • Believe Women: Apply Congress’s Christine Blasey Ford Test

    In the uproar over Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, many members of Congress declared that women have a “right to be believed.” Unfortunately, Congress is ignoring legions of women who have been sexually abused thanks to the immunity Congress provides to federal agents. But a federal appeals court may grant relief despite Washington’s negligence. Congress gives the Transportation Security Administration almost $8 billion a year and does nothing to constrain how TSA’s 43,000 screeners treat American travelers. A Justice Department lawyer insisted last year that there’s no law “establishing a specific degree of permissible intrusiveness of a (TSA) security screening pat-down.” Americans have no legal recourse regardless of how TSA’s … Continue reading

    The post Believe Women: Apply Congress’s Christine Blasey Ford Test appeared first on LewRockwell.

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