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Independent News on Natural Health and the World
  • Team Humanity is WINNING: Mike Adams reports from the front lines of the fight for human freedom
    (Natural News) The forces of globalism are in their last, desperate retreat. But they’re fighting like mad to defeat humanity and enslave the human race… and they are fearsome villains who will stop at nothing to maintain their monopoly of power. The upcoming mid-term elections are pivotal for the future of our world. A win...

  • Adjuvants found in vaccines have led to an increase of autoimmune disease
    (Natural News) Despite Big Pharma’s attempts at slandering science that sheds light on the toxic reality of vaccine ingredients and their potential to cause harm, scientists around the world have continued to study vaccine adjuvants and their relationship to autoimmune disease. Immunologists from Israel have recently confirmed what past research has long suggested: Vaccine-induced disease...

  • The true meaning of the 7 most DECEPTIVE marketing phrases used by Big Food and Big Pharma
    (Natural News) In a big country that allows corporations to run the regulatory agencies, there’s not much room for ethics, because it’s all about the money. The massive U.S. food and medicine industries are dominated by a handful of monopolistic businesses that make billions off consumer ignorance, and that’s just a cold hard fact. Nearly...

  • Women should ALWAYS be believed? What about these 35 times men were falsely accused of rape?
    (Natural News) Throughout the debacle that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in the Senate, Democrats trotted out Christine Blasey Ford and her uncorroborated, unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse to try to derail his confirmation. As Ford’s allegations were ‘surfacing,’ so were those of two other women, though their claims, too, were just as incredible and without...

  • Common survival myths that could literally get you killed
    (Natural News) Time for a healthy serving of the truth: Many of the survival tips you know are completely inaccurate. Unfortunately, these aren’t your standard myths that are fun to debunk; misconceptions about survival could literally get you killed. We’ve listed some of the most dangerous common survival myths below. (h/t to If birds...

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Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.

Thomas Jefferson
Philosopher / 3rd US President