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Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater

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A movie I have not seen but will seek out:

The documentary bounces back and forth between personal stories about Goldwater, told by his family, reporters, and politicians, and a chronology of his career in politics. Some of the interviewees include Sen. John McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton, George Will, Al Franken, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and Walter Cronkite.

Goldwater was born in Arizona back before it was even a state, and spent much of his time roughing it in the outdoors, photographing nature, and hanging with Native Americans. His films of the Grand Canyon (one of which is included as a special feature on the DVD) gave him notoriety within the state, and allowed him to work his way up the political chain to become a U.S. Senator. His unwavering libertarian and conservative views, summed up in his book Conscience of a Conservative, made him somewhat of a rock star in the Republican Party. After losing his bid for the presidency, Goldwater served in the Senate until 1986.

Mr. Conservative also chronicles Goldwater's dedication to his beliefs and the Constitution, even as his own party moved away from him. Goldwater championed personal freedom, including the right for a woman to have an abortion and for gays to serve in the military (and get married, for that matter). During the 1980s and up until his death in 1998, he spoke out against the "Christian Right" and the social views of the modern Republican Party. He once called on all Christians to kick Jerry Falwell in the a**.

The documentary provides a look back at the bygone days of campaign stumping and rah-rah presidential campaigns, devoid of any sort of You Tube debating.       

You might find it in the "bay" of the internet....

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