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Act before #### gets passed as law

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STOP S.O.P.A. UrgentGram

To my Representative and US Senators

Right now, the same folks that brought you the so-called "Patriot" Act, indefinite detention of American citizens, and an unaccountable TSA and an invasive Department of Homeland Security are preparing to wage war on our freedom online.

Two bills - SOPA (HR 3261) in the House and Protect IP (S 968) in the Senate - are being pushed by the Big Government leadership of both houses.

The bills give the government the power to put someone out of business for even minor copyright violations. In fact, as originally drafted, these bills give the government the power to shut down websites on even a private allegation of a violation. No investigation. No charges. No trial. No jury. No verdict. Entire websites could be shut down for inadvertent violations, malicious attacks, or a made-up claim.

If the government takes the power to regulate the internet and shut down information, no matter what the stated reason, you and I cannot control what they do with that power.

For these reasons I, as your constituent, urge you to oppose SOPA (HR 3261) in the House and Protect IP (S 968) in the Senate and preserve internet freedom."

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Quote of the Day

Gandhi was an anti statist in the sense that his vision of India meant India without an underlying government.[102] His idea was that true self rule in a country means that every person rules himself and that there is no state which enforces laws upon the people.[103][104] On occasions he described himself as a philosophical anarchist.[105] A free India for him meant existence of thousands of self sufficient small communities (an idea possibly from Tolstoy) who rule themselves without hindering others. It did not mean merely transferring a British established administrative structure into Indian hands which he said was just making Hindustan into Englistan.[106] He wanted to dissolve the Congress Party after independence and establish a system of direct democracy in India,[107] having no faith in the British styled parliamentary system.[106]