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The language of oppression

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When the story of the Trayvon Martin shooting first surfaced, the alleged shooter George Zimmerman, was clearly described in news stories as a "white Hispanic". I find this most interesting since when someone (usually neo-liberal) describes "oppression against brown skinned people", they are very clear that there is about the racial distinction between "white" and "brown". Otherwise the us vs them argument doesn't work. Ultimately, white, brown, black don't mean anything other than what we continue to allow them to mean. IE referring the Barack Obama as "black" is clearly a racist statement. It stems from the time when one drop of black in white meant you were black, since you were tainted. No one calls him half white/half black which is slightly more accurate. Nor am I (or my relatives) from the Caucasus region.

This isn't the first time I've seen this odd paradox of the "white Hispanic". I recently watched a series on PBS with Professor Gates (yes remember him?) that was quite interesting, including America's early response to black led Haiti. It was part of an overall Black in Latin America. So I'm watching this series and keep thinking about all the horrible ways (I will say) non-European peoples always got/get held back by European governments. Then one on Cuba comes on and Professor Gates starts talking about how the "whites" of Cuba oppressed the "blacks". Now, in this country, they are called Latino/Hispanic (as a disadvantage minority underclass). Obviously, most peoples that fall under that classification are a mix of Spanish/Portuguese colonizers and the local indigenous population. But lets be clear, here in America, they are clearly not called white so they can maintain a separate non-white oppressed status.

Realizing that the overall neo-liberal effort here is:

  1. If a Latino/Hispanic person commits a crime against a non-white person, they are clearly white because the white in them was doing the oppressing
  2. If a Latino/Hispanic person has a crime committed against them, they are clearly brown skinned since that was the cause (hate crime) of their aggressor

Back to the Trayvon Martin shooting, this is important since it needs to remain an "oppression" situation instead of a screwed up, we don't know what happened, but George Zimmerman shouldn't have tried to play police man scenario. Otherwise we can't:

  1. Question Florida's controversial stand-your-ground law
  2. Question the proper use of firearms by law abiding citizens (realizing that George Zimmerman did not fall into this category)
  3. Revive the race discussion for the election

So in come the Feds to determine if this was a hate crime (whatever that means)

White people are bad... eternally (and guns)

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