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Home Self Sufficient As spring draws near - time to order a farmer's almanac

As spring draws near - time to order a farmer's almanac

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When a former co-worker first showed a farmer's almanac years ago, I saw it as a relic of a more superstitious time and place, where things like the sign of the moon affected plants. Astrology-esque. I don't know why I acted with such closed mindedness. Iif it had been the American Indian gardening almanac, I would have looked it in a more "ancient knowledge" point of view. These books are full of great information on when and how to plant, tips on natural pest repellents, and all sorts of things anyone that grew up outside of rural America would have missed out on. Most of them are less than $10 and worth every penny. Keep an eye for them in the gardening section and feed stores.


Why work against nature when you can work with it:


Farmer's almanac

 The old farmer's almanac
 The farmer's almanc - $6.99

 The old farmer's almanc - $6.95


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