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Its appauling to denigrate (only liberal) women...

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The left’s [dis]respect for women: a look back


Israeli Government Tells Israelis Not to Marry American Jews

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Israeli Government Tells Israelis Not to Marry American Jews

So to criticize the political decisions of the Israeli government is anti-Semitic BUT telling Jews not to marry Americans isn't anti-non-Semitic?


Conservative Pat Buchanan: Iran no threat

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Rick Santorum: Fake Fiscal Conservative

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Rachel Maddow: There's no Ron Paul conspiracy.. but they stole Maine from him

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Does anyone understand pundits like this? She degrades Ron Paul all the time, makes fun of his laugh, makes him out to be a racist. Then details how the Maine GOP stole the caucus from him and clearly states that "this is no ... conspiracy". What would you call it when the state reports different results than the counties did?




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Quote of the Day

...the Second Amendment is about, at base, not about hunting or about a militia, but about resisting tyranny. The founders were very concerned about allowing individual citizens weaponry to defend themselves as a last resort against the tyrannical government.

I don't think the government — the founders ever considered that there would be a tyranny of incompetence, but I think that's what we're facing.

Michael Scheuer appearing on Glenn Beck