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In more dumb knife news: Anti-stab knife introduced in Nanny State England

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No fear future stab victims, in England soon you will only be hacked to death by law-abiding Britains.

You can still be stabbed and shot by the rampant criminal element in England's major cities, who (surprise surprise) still ignore the law (and always will).

Click on pic for the full link


Rape - don't fight back ladies, it makes it that much easier

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Thanks to the Total Libertarian Rantfest for posting this. This abstract looks at various methods of not fighting back and fighting back against rape vs how successful the rapist is.

In total Liberal fashion, my peacenik Ex-girlfriend (along with hordes of other well wishers and unicorn chasers) denounced physical resistance as perpetuating violence. A more reasonable method (following Ghandi in her mind, although this illustrates how she has NOT really read Ghandi) is mediation and finding common ground. To identify and show compassion with your aggressor and like wise they will show the same respect to you.

Given, this ignores all common logic, let's get to the real numbers from this abstract:

Women are often advised to use non-aggressive strategies against sexual assault[3]. Research suggests that this is a poor advice. According to one study, women who used non-forceful verbal strategies, e.g, crying or pleading with the assailant were raped about 96% of the time[4].

Forceful verbal resistance, including loud screaming as more effective than non-forceful verbal resistance. These strategies were associated with completion of rape from 44%-50% of the time[5].

Running works even better than verbal resistance. Researches indicate that only 15% of women who attempted to flee were raped[6].

Forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy. The completed rape dropped to 14% when the rapist’s attempt was met with violent physical force. Striking was more successful than pushing or wrestling. Physical resistance also appeared to be more effective when assault occurred outdoor[5].

Women who used knives or guns in self-defence were raped less than 1% of the time. Defensive use of edged or projectile weapons reduced the rate of injury to statistical insignificance[7].



Sorry but I'd prefer that all women learned to fight back against violence instead of living in rainbow and kitten land.





Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:58

23 of 50 State Attorney Generals write Eric Holder and say NO to the reinstatement of the AWB!

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23 Attorney Generals tell Eric Holder NO to the reinstatement of the Assualt Weapons Bans on the basis that it does not have congressional approval and WILL NOT help stop crime. It would only be a further (unconstitutional) restriction of the Bill of Rights:

Copy of letter:

State Attorneys General
A Communication From the Chief Legal Officers
of the Following States:
Alabama * Arkansas * Colorado * Florida * Georgia
Idaho * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Michigan * Missouri
Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Hampshire
North Dakota * Oklahoma * South Carolina * South Dakota * Texas
Utah * Wisconsin * Wyoming

June 11, 2009
The Honorable Eric Holder
United States Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
Via facsimile

Dear Attorney General Holder:

We the undersigned Attorneys General respectfully write to express our opposition to the
reinstatement of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994’s semi-automatic
firearms prohibition, which is commonly referred to as the assault weapons ban.

As the states’ top law enforcement officials, we share the Obama Administration’s commitment
to reducing illegal drugs and violent crime within the United States. We also share your deep
concern about drug cartel violence in Mexico. However, we do not believe that restricting lawabiding
Americans’ access to certain semi-automatic firearms will resolve any of these problems.

So, we were pleased by the President’s recent comments indicating his desire to enforce current
laws – rather than reinstate the ban on so-called assault weapons.

As you know, the 1994 ban on so-called ‘assault weapons’ did not apply to machine guns or
other fully automatic firearms. Machine gun ownership was first regulated when the National
Firearms Act was passed in 1934. And more than twenty years ago, Congress took additional
steps to ban fully automatic weapons. Because fully automatic machine guns have already been
banned, we do not believe that further restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to certain semiautomatic
firearms serves any real law enforcement purpose.

Recent public statements by congressional leaders reflect that same view. On February 26, 2009,
The Hill newspaper quoted the Senate Majority Leader’s spokesman saying: “Sen. Reid would
oppose an effort [to] reinstate the ban.” When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently asked
whether she supports reinstating the 1994 ban, the Speaker reportedly responded “No…I think
we need to enforce the laws we have right now.” We agree with the Speaker and the Majority

The same sentiment has also been expressed to you by sixty-five (65) Congressional Democrats
in a letter dated March 17, 2009. In that letter, they astutely noted, “It is hard to believe the ban
would be…effective in controlling crime by well-funded international drug traffickers, who
regularly use grenade launchers, anti-tank rockets, and other weapons that are not available on
the civilian market in the United States.”

The Honorable Eric Holder
Page 2
Under Title 18, Section 924 of the U.S. Code, knowingly transferring a firearm to an individual
who will use that firearm to commit a violent or drug-related crime is already a federal offense.
Similarly, it is also a felony to possess a firearm for the purpose of furthering drug trafficking.
At a recent Congressional hearing, Kumar Kibble, the Deputy Director of the Immigration and
Custom Enforcement’s Office of Investigations, testified that the Patriot Act included changes to
Title 18, Section 554 of the U.S. Code, which improved federal authorities’ ability to investigate
and prosecute illegal smuggling.

As Attorneys General, we are committed to defending our constituents’ constitutional rights –
including their constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. This duty is particularly
important in light of the United States Supreme Court’s recent Heller decision, which held that
the Second Amendment “elevated above all other interests the right of law-abiding, responsible
citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home.” The high court’s landmark decision
affirmed that individual Americans have a constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.
We, the undersigned Attorneys General, are staunch defenders of that right and believe that it
should not be encroached upon without sound justification – and a clear law enforcement

We are pleased that the Administration appears to conform with the Congressional leadership’s
position on this very important issue. Importantly, the White House website no longer calls for
the reinstatement of the 1994 ban. In fact, it expressly acknowledges “the great conservation
legacy of America’s hunters.” We share that appreciation for hunters and are committed to
defending our Second Amendment rights—which is why we believe that additional gun control
laws are unnecessary. Instead, authorities need to enforce laws that are already in place.

As Attorneys General, we look forward to working with you and President Obama on commonsense
law enforcement solutions to transnational crime. We stand ready to cooperate and
collaborate on crime prevention and law enforcement initiatives that will protect our
constituents, crack down on transnational crime, and help reduce narcotics consumption in the
United States. But, for the reasons explained in this letter, we do not believe that reinstating the
1994 assault weapons ban will solve the problems currently facing the United States or Mexico.

Dustin McDaniel Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Arkansas Attorney General of Texas
Troy King John W. Suthers
Attorney General of Alabama Attorney General of Colorado
Bill McCollum Thurbert E. Baker
Attorney General of Florida Attorney General of Georgia

The Honorable Eric Holder
Page 3
Lawrence G. Wasden Steve Six
Attorney General of Idaho Attorney General of Kansas
Jack Conway James D. Caldwell
Attorney General of Kentucky Attorney General of Louisiana
Mike Cox Chris Koster
Attorney General of Michigan Attorney General of Missouri
Steve Bullock Jon Bruning
Attorney General of Montana Attorney General of Nebraska
Catherine Cortez Masto Kelly A. Ayotte
Attorney General of Nevada Attorney General of New Hampshire
Wayne Stenehjem W.A. Edmondson
Attorney General of North Dakota Attorney General of Oklahoma
Henry McMaster Lawrence Long
Attorney General of South Carolina Attorney General of South Dakota
Mark L. Shurtleff J.B. Van Hollen
Attorney General of Utah Attorney General of Wisconsin
Bruce A. Salzburg
Attorney General of Wyoming




U.S. Custom issues proposed rule change that could outlaw many common pocket knives

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The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued a proposed change that deletes the ruling of several utilitarian knives as NOT SWITCHBLADES. Of most concern is the language regarding one-hand opening, and/or gravity/interia opening.

Read it all here:

U.S. Customs proposed changes


See also:

Last Updated on Monday, 15 June 2009 16:17

Another example of how the US is NOT responsible for illegal weapons in Mexico

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See also:

The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.


In recent news, the airwaves have been filled with Obama, Holder, Hiliary all decrying the mass murder and mayhem in Mexico due to US guns. Eager to blame the ever EVIL GUN SHOW LOOP HOLE, the claim was blindly made and accepted that 90% of the illegal guns recovered in Mexico were traced back to the United States. While a half truth, it turns out the 90% of the guns sent to the US to be traced are from the US. 

Later we found out, when the media got their heads out of somewhere, that the guns with import markings listed as the US (which is required here) get sent to the US to be traced. Of those, 90% are from the US. No surprise!

However, those account for only 17% of the illegal guns in Mexico. So let's do the math:
100 x 17% x 90% =  ~16
So out of 100 illegal guns recovered in Mexico, 16 are apparently from the US.

The assertion that the US is responsible for Mexico almost melting into chaos gets even more crazed when you consider that the guns from the US, available in the US to civilians, are largely semi-automatic neutered versions of their true military counterparts. Why would Mexican drugs lords want to be running around blazing WASR-10s when they can easily obtain fully automatic weapons from the corrupt Mexican police and army, from across the border into South America, and numerous illegal shipping channels from Asia?

Today's news is another example of what most Americans don't get: that the weapons recovered in Mexico are not even available here in the US unless they were stolen from the US government.

Displayed here is very likely a fully automatic 50 BMG anti-aircraft gun.
(NOTE: Dear Liberal reader, no you cannot buy this at a gun show)

What else used in this standoff????? 50 grenades, hmmmmm let me seeee NOT available in the US.


So what is the cause of the strife in Mexico?

  1. the US led DRUG WAR
  2. the corrupt Mexican government
  3. economic inequality
All of which are the responsibility of the US and Mexican goverments. But somehow we'll keep finding ways to blame law abiding Americans.....



For (part) of the full story:

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 June 2009 11:48

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